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Food Evacuated: March 7

Food Restocked: March 8

History: The Columbia Road CVS has been closed four times since 1999, most recently on March 15, 2005. Its violations have included evidence of rodents, plumbing fixtures in poor repair, and improper temperatures of potentially hazardous foods.

Health Department Says: evidence of rodents and “gross unsanitary conditions”

Business Says: We removed the Peeps. Pursuant to a directive to discontinue the sale of all food items, on the afternoon of March 7 an army of CVS employees packed up the Easter-themed candy aisle. They had already duct-taped shut the beverage, ice-cream, and frozen-food coolers and posted “Not for Sale” signs on them. CVS spokesperson Mike DeAngelis says that exterminators treat the Columbia Road store three days a week and regularly fill in cracks and holes in the walls. “We are aggressively combating the problem,” he says. “We take it very seriously.”

—Rachel Beckman