Last Thursday, with the Washington City Paper folded into my backpack, I started chugging my way home on my bike from Vegetate in Shaw. The best way to get home is to ride up 11th Street. I never totally feel safe biking some of those streets, but I’d never been attacked until last week, when a group of brats at the Garfield Terrace started raining stones down from the balcony. My helmet protected my head, and I didn’t actually get hurt, so I didn’t call the cops, but it pissed me off, and I resolved to just take 16th Street the next time I have to come into the city. Imagine my surprise when I got home that very night and read the lead sentence of Ryan Grim’s article “Stone Cold” (4/7), which addressed the very situation I was mulling over at the time. It’s good to know I’m not alone, but I wonder what it will take for the cops to actually give a shit. Does somebody have to die from a brick to the head? Speaking of which, your illustration accompanying the article was totally irresponsible. Why not draw the cyclists wearing helmets like they’re supposed to?

Mt. Pleasant