I just saw the City Desk item on the threatened arrest of Mojgan Hajmohammadali for refusing to show ID (“The Xeno Files,” washingtoncitypaper.com, 4/5, City Desk, 4/7).

D.C. Code Title 50, Section 2303.7(a) (Identification of pedestrian offenders) says, “A pedestrian who is stopped by a police officer or other authorized official after the pedestrian has committed an infraction of these regulations shall be required to inform the officer or other official of his or her true name and address for the purpose of including that information on a notice of infraction; provided, that no pedestrian shall be required to possess or display any documentary proof of his or her name or address in order to comply with the requirements of this section.”

Jaywalking violations are part of Title 50, so they are part of “these regulations” referred to in Section 2303.7. Hajmohammadali was required to give her correct name and address, but if Officer Jeffery Clay indeed threatened to arrest her for failing to show ID, he—not she—violated the law.

Glover Park