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Proof that television is still the most powerful medium of our time: Phony President Geena Davis prompted a real-life press conference in Prince George’s County, Md., whose leaders didn’t much appreciate her doing her commander-in-chitlins routine in their neck of the woods. Still, nobody gets our attention like the nonfictional—and if anyone on TV deserved a press conference last week, it was Maury Povich, who trash-talked himself right into a $100-million sexual-harassment suit. Maury, when it comes to this mess, tell us you are not the father!

Real Housewives of Orange County

Tuesday at 10 p.m.


“I wondered why this young woman would want to get tied up with somebody that had these two children,” says Slade’s father of his son’s fiancée, Jo. But it looks like he won’t have to wonder much longer: “I’m glad that I’m engaged to a man who has the potential of making bajillions of money,” says Jo sweetly. “Even if he never makes the bajillions. If he makes the millions, I’m happy.”


Friday at noon

Syndicated (WBDC-TV)

“Wait a second—he offered her $100…to see her naked?” an incredulous Maury Povich asks 16-year-old Alexandria, whose boyfriend apparently propositioned Alexandria’s mother, Jacqueline. “He also offered me $1,000 to have sex with him,” Jacqueline adds. A thousand bucks for extramarital sex?! Maury must be thinking. What a bargain!

Commander in Chief

Thursday at 10 p.m.


“Can you tell us why you’re in Hyattsville?” a reporter asks President Geena Davis in crime-ridden “Prince George’s County.” “To meet some people—to try the chops!” she answers, heading into a diner advertising chitlins and sweet-potato pie. Maybe the president’s loyal chief of staff can help fix her up a plate: “I can’t imagine there are a lot of Republicans coming out of Hyattsville,” she says to the African-American aide.

Survival of the Richest

Friday at 8 p.m.


“I learned…that you should judge a person solely based on their character,” says “Afghani royalty” Sammy of the wisdom she’s gleaned from this low-rent battle of the classes. “I’ve learned that money doesn’t always buy happiness,” adds construction worker Jacob. And what has host Hal Sparks learned? That it’s time to get a new agent.

Weekends With Maury & Connie

Saturday at 10 a.m.


“Trust me—I have worked siesta hours,” husband/sexual-harassment suee Povich says to wife Connie Chung. Now it all makes sense: “You have a big break in the afternoon….You go back to work in the evening.” Wow, an office environment in which one can get off in the middle of the day? “That’s what I call flex time,” Povich says.—Mario Correa