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The generally excellent article on D.C.’s population (“Honey, I Shrunk the District,” 5/5) missed one very important factor: There are many people living in D.C. who do not appear in census counts. In my neighborhood, there are dozens of out-of-state-registered cars. These are not commuters or visitors— I see them nights and weekends for months and years, cars with plates from Pennsylvania, Nebraska, California, Texas, and many other states.

One must presume that owners who don’t register their cars are not paying D.C. income tax or even telling their insurance companies where the cars reside.

And as long as they don’t park on the street on weekdays, there is absolutely no mechanism for using them to find undocumented residents. I have tried reporting specific vehicles to the MPD, mayor’s office, and my councilmember, Jack Evans, with no result.

Dupont North