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A city that prides itself on its cringe-worthy local ads—the beat-box Shoe City spots, the “no-snitchin’” Eastern Motors cameos, the “kiss-my-bumper” Senate Insurance imperatives—is primed for a visitation by Pleaseeasaur. The brainchild of Seattle-based J.P. Hasson, Pleaseeasaur performs jingles—specifically, jingles that advertise made-up companies. In his baritone rasp, Hasson croons for ambulance chasers, raps (à la vintage Blondie) about a neighborhood’s newest pizza place, and implores listeners to keep their cool around dying cobras. His indefatigable tolerance for clichés and puns (to wit: “No Prob Limo”) is matched only by his enthusiasm for the generic. In “PleaseeaSports,” he sings, “Now we’re in the championship game/We’re the grand marshals of the parade/We will endorse all of the top brands/Because we’re so good at sports!” Hasson pairs his lyrics with saccharine keyboard jams, complete with canned drum fills and wailing (synthesized) saxophone solos. He mans the mic in an array of costumes provided by co-Pleaseeasaurist Thomas Hurley III, who DJs and operates the low-tech and hilarious overhead projector shows. If you can stand the notion of a grown man dressed as a yeti extolling the benefits of friendship with American Indians, you might enjoy yourself when Pleaseeasaur performs with Pinback at 9:30 p.m. at the Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW. $15. (202) 667-7960. (Kriston Capps)