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May 6–10Washington Convention Center

The Industry

women’s health care

The Attendees

8,000 obstetricians and gynecologists

The Issues

Should girls start seeing a gynecologist sooner—between ages 13 and 15? Panelists noted that 85 percent of adolescents become sexually active in their teens. But can doctors realistically “make sure inaccurate information is not perpetuated in locker rooms and on school buses”?

Medical breakthroughs: a new vaccine that offers 100 percent protection from human papillomavirus, minimally invasive alternatives to hysterectomy, TheraPause Hot Flash Cool Down Strips (“discreet, effective relief”).

Are FDA-approved treatments for sexual-arousal disorder the most cost-effective way to rekindle romance? The suction-cup-like EROS device “gets the husband involved,” but at $350, a speaker said, “we can all think of a much cheaper alternative.”

Outside the convention center’s doors, circumcision controversy swirls: Several women proffered flyers stating, “Circumcision violates basic human rights.” Testimonials included “I was just a baby—I couldn’t stop them” and “Every time I look at my penis, I am reminded of a horrible violation to my person.”

—Rob Tierney