Bishop William L. Bonner

Assistant Pastor

Elder Michael W. Fields


about 150

Meeting Length

3 hours

Sample Worshipper Dress

white pinstripe suit, black oxford shirt, zebra-striped tie

Sequined Hats


Congregational Fervor

Having returned in the early hours of the morning from a church-sponsored bus trip to Philadelphia, many congregation members at a recent service were doing their best to keep from slouching over in exhaustion. To Fields, however, this was no excuse: “If you can be tired at work, then you can be tired at church,” he said as the Refuge choir and seven-piece band burst into song. “We will wake you up!” HHHHH

Food for the Soul

During his sermon, which drew liberally from Micah 7, Fields worked up a sweat as he assured the congregation that faith would bring great benefits to their lives. “God loves us so much and is so attentive that he will take care of every detail of your life, from your hair to your fingernails,” the preacher intoned, punctuating his statement with dramatic, syncopated breaths.HHHHH

Food for the Body

After a recent Sunday morning service, a senior-citizens breakfast was arranged off church grounds; no food or drink was available for the balance of the congregation. HHHHH

Overall Worship Power

Although he loomed large behind the pulpit, Fields’ diminutive physical stature became evident after he stepped down to the floor to meet his public. As congregation members lined up at the altar to be embraced by him, Fields had to reach high to hold them as they wept in his arms.HHHHH

—Aaron Leitko