Closed: May 24

Reopened: May 25

History: none listed in city records dating back to 1999

Health Department Says: failure to comply with a health-department notice

Business Says: We didn’t understand what we needed to comply with. Communication was the problem for owners Hwang and Hyun Kim. The couple say their English isn’t proficient enough to understand a new fast-talking inspector. “[We told her to] speak slowly, please,” Hyun says. The Kims say they weren’t aware that they were missing evidence of a recent routine pest-control servicing until the problem was written down on paper. “There are too many inspections,” says Hwang. “It is confusing.” Hyun says it would be nice to have a Korean-speaking inspector, but she’s not waiting for the health department to diversify. “[I’m going] to school to learn English,” she says.

—Sarah Godfrey