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Dupont Circle

Senior Minister

Dean Snyder

Sunday Attendance

about 250

Sample Worshipper Dress

floral-patterned jacket, lime-green shirt, black pants

Presidents Claimed

Bill Clinton, Rutherford B. Hayes

Upcoming Capital Projects

“Enhanced fire detection,” “Repainting of sanctuary and dome,” “Downspout repairs”

Congregational Fervor

A recent service kicked off with a PowerPoint presentation by the building committee on pending repairs to the church grounds. In an effort to jazz up the slide show, the presenters spliced a few humorous film-dialogue samples into the program. Highlights included a breakdown of available funds accompanied by Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” and a slide on giving that spouted, “Show me the money!”

Food For the Soul

“Members of the government often quote Jesus as saying, ‘You’re either with us or against us,’” said minister Peter DeGroote in a sermon, “Exploring Peace,” that was often critical of the Iraq war. “He is also quoted as having said, ‘If you’re not against us, you’re with us.’ Which one do you think seems more consistent with his behavior?”

Food For the Body

No coffee hour was scheduled after the 11:30 a.m. service. Instead, congregation members had the option of attending a church-sponsored luncheon with peace activist and former Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy.

Overall Worship Power

Jana Meyer, Foundry’s “minister of mission,” delivered a short children’s sermon at the beginning of the service. “I get really nervous that I’ll forget what I need to talk about when I have to speak up here, so I wrote the word ‘peace’ on my hand,” she said. “Always ask your parents if it’s OK to write on your hand,” she advised the youngsters. “I called mine. They said it was OK.”

—Aaron Leitko