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I was looking forward to reading the article on Ross School as I live around the corner and know many families who attend the school. I was surprised to instead read a smear campaign against the “affluent urban parents” who dared to try to further improve a resource in their neighborhood. I was particularly bothered (call it the “liberal guilt” afflicting this gentrifier) by the personal attack on Gloria Borland. I am just a neighbor, and I don’t know Gloria all that well, but I have been involved in trying to improve our neighborhood park, so I know that Gloria has a deep interest in the neighborhood resources for her daughter. I am also a member of the Listserv that she started and appreciate the forum she created where we can share babysitters and events with our neighbors (which is its actual purpose—not a place where we debate test scores and plot takeovers). Gloria is a single mother who lives in a condo that she purchased at least 20 years ago. I haven’t noticed whether she is a “Perrier addict,” but I know her to be a highly caring, committed individual. Whatever transpired at Ross between Dr. Putterman and Ms. Smith, I think Gloria Borland is due an apology for the nasty tone of your article and for being accused of trying to exploit Ross for her own purposes.

Dupont Circle