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It’s time for the real citizens of d.c. to speak up. I grew up in D.C., am a product of the D.C. Public Schools, work and live in D.C., and I’m about sick of reading and hearing stories like this play out in my city. Here we have people who have no love, loyalty, or respect for this city—all they have is a financial investment. You’re not in Kansas or wherever the hell you lived before buying your overpriced abode. You just moved to an urban city. I applaud the parents of the Ross students who have taken an active approach in their children’s education without going about slandering and defaming the people who are helping educate your children. To Mr. Putterman, I want to say thank you. Thank you for moving out of the city; we don’t need you and sure enough don’t want you in D.C., and if you could, please take the rest of the affluent parents who don’t want to send their children to the D.C. Public School unless they cater to their every whim with you. You could create all the immersion programs and playgrounds you want, but let me share a secret with you about school: You get what you and the people that are helping guide you put in. To Mr. Wise and the Pierre Condo Association: How smart was it to buy a condo across from a playground in an urban city? Have you or the residents of your condo association looked around this city and seen how many safe places there are for children to play? Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t that many when I was growing up, and I know it has gotten smaller because of people like you and your condo association. What better sound is there than the sound of children playing, and where would you have the children of D.C. play? We wonder why children are obese and lazy—well everyone hears one of the reasons: People don’t want them outside playing.

Adams Morgan