You guys are so unprofessional, i don’t know where to begin. The 6/23 issue is full of stories about adults behaving badly in ways that impact the rest of us, and you fire two barrels of righteous journalistic wrath at a high school kid on a lousy baseball team whose big sin is not being a team player (“Let’s See If Y’all Can Win Without Me”)? Three things come to mind:

1.Who besides Kenny Hawkins’ parents, teachers, and teammates could possibly care about this? For a paper that can’t shut up about how badass it is, with all of its supposedly hard-hitting material that the Washington Post doesn’t have the balls to touch, you guys are really slipping. Actually, scratch that; you guys have been a joke for some time now.

2. Is Kenny Hawkins the only arrogant jock in town? What’s so special about this kid?

3. Most teenagers are a tad psycho at one point or another until their pituitary gland calms down. It’s called puberty, and everyone has been through it. I could be a jerk in high school myself, but like most of us I grew out of it. Thank God there wasn’t a lazyass City Paper “reporter” hanging around my school who saw fit to write a 10-page cover story portraying me as a jerk and plaster it all over the Greater Washington metro area. Did this guy do something to Huan Hsu personally that warrants this public humiliation? Or is Hsu the journalistic equivalent of the backstabbing gossips in every school who spread rumors all over just to fuck with people? At least those gossips don’t have access to a newspaper with a readership in the thousands. Kenny Hawkins might deserve to get smacked upside the head, but unless you’re his mom, you’re totally out of line. I’m eagerly awaiting Hsu’s next big cover story exposing some kid who beats off in the school bathroom. Kenny Hawkins might be a bit of a dick, but fuck you. I hope you assholes get sued.

Glover Park