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I am a parent of a rising second grader at ross Elementary school and am deeply disturbed by the inflammatory reporting by Ryan Grim in his piece “A Line in the Sandbox” (6/16).

I usually value the quality of reporting in the City Paper, but after reading this article I am starting to question the integrity of this publication.

The situation reported in the article, referring to one current and one former Dupont Circle residents’ experiences with Ross, is something that happened three years ago and can hardly be considered current news. Also, raising an issue about test scores from 2004 is pointless because the school can boast that its test scores have seen significant improvements. Anyone can walk into the school and see the progress that the students have made because the school has posted test scores where students, parents, and staff enter every day.

But it’s the depiction of the principal as “creating a haven for poor kids” that I find especially disturbing and offensive. It’s ridiculous to suggest that a principal only wants to keep poor children and out-of-boundary children in her school to bring in more money. Since when is it “news” for a principal to want to ensure a public education for children?

Any parents who want to enroll their children in Ross may do so. I am a native Washingtonian and homeowner in Ward 5. Ross is not my neighborhood school, but why does that even matter? I am a tax-paying resident of this city. I have a right to send my child to be educated wherever I wish. There is no crime in that.

It is unfortunate that some parents from Dupont Circle have taken a narrow-minded view of DCPS and Ross. But their loss is my family’s gain. While those parents are spinning their wheels (and spending all their money) to create their own pretentious, self-righteous environment for educating their children, my child is attending the public school in their neighborhood—and thriving.

Adams Morgan