July 8–12Washington Convention Center


cancer research


2,600 global cancer warriors from the med, fed, and ed fields


Mixed Messages: Cancer-prevention booklets distributed at the conference advised consumers to eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other cancer-fighting foodstuffs. At the event’s Relay For Life® tribute, buffet tables overflowed with fried fare and refined-sugar desserts.

CO-Dependent No More? Bedfont’s new COmpact™ Smokerlyzer® is a smoking-cessation support tool that measures the carbon monoxide you exhale. It remains effective for two years—great for value-conscious quitters liable to fall off the wagon.

Altruism’s Not Dead Yet: Fundraising-workshop leader claimed that tax deductions have little influence over giving decisions, ranking No. 23 on a list of reasons why people donate.

Dread Ed: From Texas-based Health Edco, whose slogan is “Bringing Health Education to Life”: Made of BIOLIKE 2™, “Harry’s Scary Tongue” portrays lingua villosa on one side and leukoplakia and tongue cancer on the other. Enhance its effectiveness with a jar of “Clem’s Phlegm”—two weeks’ worth of the phlegm that would be coughed up by a heavy smoker. Order “Giant Mr. Gross Mouth” and get a bonus supply of tobacco for making one’s own tobacco juice. These “great discussion-starters,” confirmed the sales rep, are big hits with the middle-school crowd.—Rob Tierney