Closed: July 3

Reopened: July 4

History: no violations listed in city records dating to 1999

Health Department Says: operating a food establishment without a current business license

Business Says: We’d like to know where the hell our license is, too. According to general manager Matthew Clifford, the gym renewed its license “a while ago”—but the D.C. bureaucracy hasn’t yet coughed it up. The operation needs the license to offer a short menu of drinks and nutrition bars. While Gold’s waits for the goods, the coolers lining the wall next to the front desk remain unplugged and empty, save a lone lime-green energy drink tucked into one corner. The racks of Powerbars that typically adorn the counter are nowhere to be seen. Clifford is mystified as to why it takes the city more than two weeks to mail a hard copy of the renewed license. “We can’t even sell water,” he says. “The whole thing is pretty ridiculous.”

—Huan Hsu