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it’s a shame that black’s bar and kitchen includes foie gras—one of the most frivolous and notoriously abusive factory-farm products—on its menu (“Back in Black’s,” 7/14).

Foie gras is made from diseased livers of ducks and geese kept in filthy, appalling conditions. In order to create this state of disease, factory-farm producers force-feed the birds with a tube shoved down their throats several times a day. Not only can this cause sores, lacerations, and bruising, but the pipe can even tear through the esophagus. The birds’ livers can engorge more than ten times their natural size, making it difficult for them to even move.

More than a dozen countries and California have banned foie gras production. Chicago recently banned its sale. Washington’s restaurants should follow this humane lead and leave the cruelty off the menu.

Outreach CoordinatorThe Humane Society of the United States