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Closed: July 13

Reopened: July 18

History: As America’s Mini Market (the name still on its sign), the store was closed in January 2004 for having plumbing fixtures in poor repair and no certified food supervisor on premises.

Health Department Says: no valid business license for food sales

Business Says: Health Department is trying to act like Child Protective Services. “I decided to close,” says Telma Majano, wife of owner Maynor Majano. “My baby sitter had a doctor’s appointment; I didn’t have a sitter for two, three hours; and I had to bring my 2-year-old with me.” Telma says an inspector told her that the toddler, who was looking at a book behind the convenience store’s plexiglass partition, had to go. “She told me, ‘You can’t have the girl here; it’s not a safe place.’” Telma also disputes her official reopening date. She says that, with her inspector’s permission, she reopened unofficially the next day, when her baby-sitting service was restored. She maintains the whole thing was her call: “I was tired of [the inspector] talking about the girl, so I told her, ‘I’ll close until my baby sitter comes back—that’s the best I can do.’”

—Sarah Godfrey