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i would like to thank both dave jamieson and David Sobelsohn for “Where Did the Time Go?” (7/28). The article was candid and gave me hope for the D.C. community.

Two weeks ago, I attended a play that was part of the Capital Fringe Festival. I was sitting alone in the lobby before the show and a man started to talk to me about theater. He was knowledgeable, which impressed me, and friendly. He invited me to sit with him and his friend, which I found slightly odd but appreciated nonetheless. A week later, I saw the man’s face on the front of the City Paper.

I would have never imagined that the same man I spoke to that evening went through what he did only a few months ago. He didn’t mention the article or any of its contents, nor did he show any of the signs of trauma that he expressed in the article. He proved to me that even after a traumatic event in D.C., one can still be trusting and open-minded. I would love to see more profiles that bring hope to the community.