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STANDOUT TRACK: No. 10, “Business Class,” a tongue-in-cheek pop ballad that pays tribute to Miguel Lacsamana’s childhood obsessions: Michael Jackson and Prince. Lacsamana, who also plays guitar in Stamen & Pistils and Metropolitan, strips things down considerably with his one-man band’s guilty paean to shallow relationships. A simple drum break and a bit of IDM noodling set up the infectious chorus: “The girls I like only care about the cash, the hype, the excess/The girls I like don’t care about the love, the truth, the romance.”

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: Lacsamana describes the song’s subject as a composite of different women and situations; its title stems from an exchange in Doug Liman’s Swingers. “There’s a part in the movie where Vince Vaughn’s character gets a girl’s phone number and then tears it up in front of his friends, while shaking his head and complaining that ‘She’s too business class,’” explains the 30-year-old Arlingtonian. “This song represents how we all tend to fall for the wrong type of person and how we covet that which we cannot have.”

VEGAS, BABY, VEGAS: “Someone threw a pair of panties at me during this song,” says Lacsamana, recounting a recent performance at DC9 that had him feeling like Tom Jones. “Nothing too Victoria’s Secret, just plain cotton underwear….I assumed that it was some sort of joke.” As it turns out, one of his friends had ripped her panties straight out of her jeans and thrown them onstage in tribute. Lacsamana opted to leave his trophy behind, though: “They seemed really dirty and were totally ripped to shreds. I wasn’t sure if I should pick them up.” —Nick Green