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Finally, a blockbuster summer sequel the kids can really sink their teeth into: When Surgical Tools Get Left Behind 2, starring supervillain gauzes, surgical clamps of kryptonite, and dastardly doctors in need of some serious kapows. And speaking of kryptonite, the gang from Who Wants to Be a Superhero? was looking a little anemic: “I have a horrible headache,” moaned Cell Phone Girl, showing off her superhuman whining powers.

Work Out

Tuesday at 9 p.m.


“I’m considering getting my eggs,” lesbian gym owner and would-be inseminated mom Jackie informs her girlfriend, Mimi. “Easter eggs?” responds the confused Brazilian. Later, Jackie’s 270-pound client, Tess, comes in and sheds some ounces, albeit not the way she’d planned: “Well, you lost some weight already,” the tough trainer tells the done-in, vomiting woman. “The lunch came up.”

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Thursday at 9 p.m.


“Being a male stripper gave me a lot of experience, and maybe I can spread that to the youth,” says Chris Watters—aka “Major Victory”—who’s vying to parlay his expertise in erotic dance into a gig as the “next great superhero.” But first, he’ll have to pole-vault his way past a fellow role-model-in-waiting, the “Iron Enforcer.” “If steroids are used for a positive thing, I think it’s a good thing,” notes the beefy bodyguard.

The Tyra Banks Show

Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Syndicated (WDCA-TV)

Tyra goes “deep undercover” to find out why men go to strip clubs: “I signed up for this experiment…because I really wanted to see [the men] and feel them…like, not touch them and feel them, but see what really goes on,” she says. And the answer? Guys are just big ol’ softies! “You actually get to understand men a lot better working in a place like this,” says dancer Adriana. “They’re a lot more romantic than women.”

Project Runway

Wednesday at 10 p.m.


Baseball players have their steroids, cyclists have their testosterone, and designers have their…fashion books? “I saw some pattern-making books in Keith’s room!” howls Kayne, ratting out his competitor. And how will the imperturbable Tim Gunn react to this Male Pattern Badness? “We’re going to have to ask you to leave,” he tells Runway’s answer to Barry Bonds.

When Surgical Tools Get Left Behind 2

Thursday at 10 p.m.


“We put the clamp on this plaque, and we have it hanging behind the kitchen door,” says good-natured Jean Sullivan of the 9-inch surgical instrument removed from her husband’s belly. But spouse Beverly Barlow is a little less sentimental about the 28-inch, blue surgical towel left festering inside her husband: “It stunk terrible,” she says.—Mario Correa