the city paper’s attempt at humor, with your illustration, a 2006 version of Little Black Sambo, is more racist than the police commander’s actual comment. This article, along with the numerous niggerisms you call stories printed each week and plastered on your front page (and yes I can use that word, but you better never part your lips to use it), shows how the City Paper continues to exploit race and race relations. Although you’re a free publication, black America still can boycott your advertisers. You have been officially put on notice; our community will no longer tolerate the niggerism you call stories. Where is the reporters’ guide to Georgetown unemployment lines? Please be advised we will continue to line our pet cages with your paper if you print more stories detailing the life adventures of the white-America experience with drugs (crystal meth), neo-Nazis (the real down-lows), and my personal favorite: How to drown five kids and live to tell about it. Now there’s a Pulitzer.

Wheaton, Md.