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your article—unfortunately—highlights some very, very serious social realities in our city. Of course, you’re not the first one to mention this—the Brookings Institute published a report in 1999, “A Region Divided,” which discussed the East-West divide. Indeed, my senior project in geography, “Race and Rails,” highlighted the disparity between East and West through an analysis of the Metro system. And now your “Guide” again highlights these issues.

It’s strange that what you are commenting on is so glaringly obvious yet is almost totally unaddressed (I think) in Northwest. Personally, I can’t stand Georgetown for the simple reason that it is not D.C., in my opinion.

Please excuse me, the primary purpose of this letter was to give you positive feedback (you may be getting some negative feedback I imagine), while I’m cynical as all hell. Kudos for addressing this reality. What’s next?

Dupont Circle