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Closed: Aug. 2

Reopened: Aug. 3

History: No citations listed in city records dating back to 1999.

Health Department Says: no air conditioning, potentially hazardous foods held at unsafe temperatures

Business Says: Thank goodness for customer complaints. The Hut’s air-conditioning unit broke in mid-July, says manager Barbara Morrissey, leaving the restaurant defenseless against the recent heat wave. Despite repeated staff requests to repair the unit, weeks passed without any sign of relief. The heat also made the refrigeration unit holding the toppings sputter. Finally, a fed-up customer called the health department. “A customer complained, saying she didn’t want to eat a hot pizza in a hot store,” Morrissey says. “I can understand that. Who wants hot-hot?” An inspector showed up later that same day, recorded indoor temperatures of more than 100 degrees, and shut down the restaurant, which finally got higher-ups moving. The very next day, a brand-new, bigger A/C unit was installed. Since then, the restaurant has been dry and cool. “Before, you didn’t know if you were inside or out,” says Morrissey. “We appreciate that customer. She saved us. Whoever she called, it worked.”—Huan Hsu