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the washington city paper has a long history of attacking African-American politicians and activists, mostly at the expense of hearsay information the City Paper obtains from racially insensitive European-American newcomers to African-American communities who resent African-American leadership to the point that they ostracize themselves from the African-American community and organize their own neighborhood associations, etc.

Sinclair Skinner, who I know personally, is a strong, opinionated, smart and energetic African-American male cut from the cloth of Nat Turner, Malcolm X, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Adam Clayton Powell—African-American leaders who are not Uncle Toms and whom European-Americans fear because they have balls. European-Americans hate African-Americans they can’t control and who simply never forget where they came from. Sinclair Skinner scares the hell out of those European-Americans and house Negroes who want to hold on to the status quo of separate but equal in America.

On the other hand, Adrian Fenty is, by American standards, a mulatto, which eases the fear in European-Americans. Fenty’s light skin and advanced degrees are acceptable socially to European-Americans; however, Fenty’s loyalty to his African-American fraternity and his frat brother Sinclair Skinner is incomprehensible to European-Americans who think Fenty should act like those European-American-accepted house Negroes Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, and Sen. Barack Obama.

Fenty is his own man and gives a rat’s ass about the divide and conquer tactics by the City Paper regarding Sinclair Skinner.

Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr., LGSW., LPC