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dios mio! gloria borland is a great person—living in D.C. for 25 years has made her the voice of the unsung (“Rebirth of the School,” Mail, 7/28). WTF? D.C. has a history. Blacks and Hispanics kept the city alive with children. Now that whites, after a thorough city cleansing, are ready to reproduce, they deign to change the system that they ignored until it did not meet their expectations.

The children Borland saw learning colors and numbers were children learning a second language. These “unprepared” immigrant (who are most likely U.S.-born citizens) children are prepared. They are being prepared to work and take care of their parents, siblings, and extended families. Borland, criticize these children’s unpreparedness now. One day you will see your folly and horrid shortsightedness.

I sincerely hope Borland’s academy works out. Yet I respect those parents who know that their children will triumph as people regardless of where they studied. The cream will always rise unless someone is stirring the pot.

Silver Spring, Md.

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