STANDOUT TRACK: No. 3, the jazz-tinged “Oh My God,” in which Storm the Unpredictable melds hip-hop boasting skills with scientific terminology. Sample lines: “Vaginal MCs get episiotomies/I attack the track from the back/Commit the act of verbal sodomy” and “My aura is majestic/My subcutaneal layer’s lined with titanium/I’m not the one to mess with/My neurological system coupled with nuclear fission is the reason testin’ this Christian is a death wish.”

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: Storm, aka 36-year-old Dwayne F. Henry, says he had a vague goal of writing a science-heavy song, but once he put pen to paper the “lyrics really did pretty much write themselves.” The Oxon Hill native, who has a degree in biotechnology from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is the bio-lab coordinator at Montgomery College’s Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus, believes the song works because it’s “somewhat complex but still understandable to the casual listener—not just boastful, but insightful as well.”

10th WONDER: Hip-hop heads have already taken note of the song’s combination of cooled-out rhythms and nutty-professor rhymes. Producer-of-the-moment 9th Wonder of Little Brother heard Storm performing it during a soundcheck at the Black Cat, “and literally stopped in his tracks to ask me about it because he was feeling it so strong,” says the rapper. As for the biological frankness of the wordplay—syphilis, amniotic fluid, corneal abrasions, and vasectomies are among the other lyrical touchstones—Storm says he’s gotten nothing but positive reactions, “especially since none of the words were curse words.” —Joe Warminsky