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i am surprised that isaiah thompson and his editors chose to let stand an inaccurate statement by the D.C. Public Library that my organization, the Library Renaissance Project, had no experience in literacy (City Desk, “Go Along to Get Along,” 8/11). Not only was Isaiah fully aware of my decade-long involvement with the Washington Literacy Council as chairman and as executive director, but the City Paper has been extremely generous to the council through its free advertising program for nonprofits as well as through highly welcome annual charitable contributions, which I personally solicited.

I know it would have nothing to do with the fact that Isaiah is a literacy worker himself at Academy of Hope, for which I credit him highly. Academy of Hope receives funding from the State Education Agency. The State Education Agency is a group whose performance in the area of basic adult literacy I criticized, along with that of the library’s, at a City Council hearing in June.

Director, Library Renaissance Project

Isaiah Thompson responds:

Diener is correct in assuming that my former job as a GED-level (not literacy) teacher had nothing to do with the article.