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Aug. 10–14Hilton Mark Center Hotel, Alexandria

The Industry

animal advocacy

The Attendees

800 anti-speciesists sharing ways to defeat factory farmers and lab-animal testers

The Issues

Vegan Forefathers: Revealed at a session about animal activism through the ages: Leonardo da Vinci bought caged birds so he could set them free and predicted that one day murdering animals would be as unconscionable as murdering humans. Plutarch concluded that most cruelty in the world results from humans’ uncontrolled passion for meat. When Jesus drove money changers from the temple, he overturned the tables of merchants selling pigeons, oxen, and other animals for sacrifice.

Checks for Chicks: At the Eastern Shore Sanctuary booth, attendees learned how to sponsor a layer or broiler hen, rooster, fighting cock, or duck in its Adopt-a-Bird program. Pledges starting at $5 a month cover food, bedding, and health care for birds rescued from inhumane confinement, fighting rings, and foie gras operations.

Cruelty-Free Contraception: Products on parade included Glyde Ultra, a 100-percent-vegan lubricated condom. Wildberry and strawberry are the best sellers, according to a retailer at the show. Unlike much of the competition, Glyde contains no milk protein and is not tested on animals.

—Rob Tierney