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Closed: Aug. 23

Reopened: Aug. 23

History: No citations listed in city records dating back to 1999.

Health Department Says: no certified food supervisor on duty; no current business license to sell food to the public

Business Says: Too many friggin’ ID cards, not enough wallet space. The morning a health-department inspector showed up, Firehook manager Melvin Davis started using a new wallet and decided to thin out the contents of his old one, leaving his certified-food-supervisor identification card at home. The bakery was also admonished for a dirty sink area, a slightly high temperature for the salad display, and a waste disposal in need of repair, but the sticking point was the card. Since Davis didn’t have his, the inspector had no choice but to pull the bakery’s business license, leading to the second citation. Davis hustled home to Southwest to grab his card, about an hour each way, and then went to the Department of Health to sort everything out. On the way into the DOH building, he ran into the inspector. “He said, ‘Hey, hey,’” says Davis. “He’s always friendly. Most people get mad at him, but he’s just doing his job—ain’t no big deal.”

—Huan Hsu