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i hate to criticize a film review by tricia Olszewski because she is a good film reviewer. God knows she is far better than any of those losers they now have writing those ridiculous and useless film reviews at the Washington Post.

However, she totally trashed two of my favorite films: Another Gay Movie and Queens (“Boys on Film,” 9/1). To read her reviews of these films, you’d think they were Skank City and lame as could be. This is not so, however.

I saw Another Gay Movie in a packed theater and the entire audience burst into loud and appreciative applause at the end. The film is a gay takeoff on American Pie, not meant to be taken seriously, and the audience had a ball watching it. Similarly, everyone I know who has seen Queens found it to be a total delight from start to finish. Frankly, I think both films are brilliant and arguably also noteworthy for historic reasons. Everyone I know who has seen them is anxious to get the DVDs of them!

Nothing against Ms. Olszewski, but next time you print a review of a film aimed at a gay male audience, maybe you should have a gay male, who can relate to the movie and give us a truer picture of what the film is about, do the review of it.

Dupont Circle