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i so appreciated reading the superbly written saga of one of the Four Sisters’ struggle to find her place in the world, and within her family (“Exit From Eden,” 8/25). What an insightful story about one Vietnamese-American family’s hard work to find success, prosperity, and fulfillment in the American dream. We eat at this wonderful restaurant often and now marvel at how hard this family continues to struggle to keep home and hearth together. How ironic that the dream entails so much sacrifice of family and stoking the restaurant hearth leaves the fires at home only ashes. It’s a real testament to the challenges all families face in balancing home and work. But, as my Dad always urged me, “Honey, do what you love! Follow your passion.” It has not made me rich but given me riches aplenty; I may not be successful, but my fire has not gone out. Feed the inner flame, girl! You need the home fire burning to bring light to the communal pyre.

Falls Church, Va.