Summer is over, and school is in session. Strap on your thinking caps—and your feed bags—and take a crack at the latest Washington City Paper Dining Quiz. The top scorer will win $100; ties will be resolved by a random draw.

As usual, you have two ways to enter: Mail your answers to Food Quiz, Washington City Paper, 2390 Champlain St. NW, Washington, DC 20009, in an envelope postmarked before Sept. 21, or take the quiz at by then. Viel gluck!

1–4. Match the restaurant with the cuisine it currently offers:

1. Blue Fin A. New American2. Komi B. Vietnamese3. Café Olé C. Greek/Middle Eastern4. Pacific Cafe D. bar foodand Grill

5–8. Fill in the local chef’s sequential place of employment:

Greggory HillWorked at: New HeightsThen worked at: __________Now works at: David Greggory

Ann CashionWorked at: Restaurant NoraThen worked at: __________Now works at: Cashion’s Eat Place

Sidra FormanWorked at: Ruppert’sThen worked at: __________Now works at: Vegetate

Tom PowerWorked at: Michel Richard CitronelleThen worked at: __________Now works at: Corduroy

9–13. Match the metro restaurant with its menu patter/directive:

9. Colorado KitchenA. Available rare, medium-rare, or medium only

10. Pasta MiaB. Larger Plates…..More Money.

11. Houston’sC. No cell phones in the dining room


13. Ray’s the SteaksE. We keep the leg irons inthe basement.

14–18. Fill in Nora Pouillon’s online bio with the words provided:

Together with her children and partner, Nora lives the same healthy ___[14]___ lifestyle to which she is ___[15]___ in her work. She is committed to exercise, dance, outdoor activities, ___[16]___, alternative approaches to medicine, cooking and sharing ___[17]___ meals with family and friends. Nora is tireless in her continuing search for sustainable solutions for our ___[18]___ and environment.

A. lifestylesD. yogaB. committedE. organicC. sustainable19. Which is not a local Vietnamese eatery?

A. Pho 95C. Pho 75B. Pho 80D. Pho 8820–22. Match the restaurant name with its English translation:

20. W DomkuA. fire on the floor21. Fogo de ChãoB. in the little house22. Woo Lae OakC. come again

23. What dish has not been on the menu at any of José Andrés’ local restaurants?

A. beer-battered skateC. braised baby goatB. grasshopper tacosD. foie gras cotton candy24. Choose the correct flesh combo of Old Europe’s Combination Sausage Platter:

A. pork-pork-vealC. pork-pork-porkB. veal-pork-beefD. pork-pork-beef25–28. Match the metaphor with the local food critic from whose keyboard it flowed like chili from the pump at 7-Eleven:

25. “…risotto has become as commonplace as flag pins on the streets of Washington.”

26. “…a previous chef’s dish of ricotta dumplings with lobster and broccoli rabe went off, like Lord Rupert, in all directions, a little sweet, a little salty and a little bitter.”

27. “Blanketed in cheese that’s melted and cooled to the transparency of a condom…”

28. “Witness the steak tartare, which comes to the table looking like a mound of cut rubies.”

A. Todd KlimanC. Tom SietsemaB. Eve ZibartD. Tim Carman29. Metaphors galore! Fill in the blank:

“‘Have you dined with us before’ is a scourge across the land. It suggests that the restaurant is an absolutely unique, preciously exotic experience that only a waiter, acting like some kind of cross between ______ can explicate for you, the ignorant diner.”—Todd Kliman in his inaugural Washingtonian food chat

A. a travel guide and a literary scholarB. a flight attendant and a literary scholarC. a butler and a literary scholarD. a nuclear physicist and a literary scholar

30. Which of these restaurants, noted in the Washington Post’s Sept. 3 “trend” piece “Ethnic Goes Exurban,” opened within the last five years?

A. Bombay TandoorC. Kam PoB. Punjab DhabaD. None of the above

—Anne Marson