On July 21, the Washington City Paper published Pamela Murray Winters’ review of Ellington: The Life and Music of the Duke, a MetroStage production that closed on Aug. 20. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

“Duke Ellington led an interesting life; unfortunately, you’d never know from David Scully’s grade-school lecture of a script, which is way more concerned with weary rhymin’ than with wit, energy, or even content. We get birth and death dates, and the idea that Ellington moved around a lot and changed his style to suit both himself and his audience, and that’s it.”

As it turns out, this paper was in no position to render such summary judgments on Ellington. The reviewer left the show shortly after intermission and did not return, and the review made no mention of this omission. Washington City Paper regrets this inexcusable lapse in critical integrity and apologizes to MetroStage and all those involved in the production of Ellington.