I was so disappointed to read “Blighted Cropp” (9/8). Would the weight of a male candidate matter in the least bit? Be real honest: No, the issue would not be raised, and in no other venue has it been. Being that Linda Cropp is not only a woman but also an African-American, it is terribly frustrating that you would allow a continued objectification of women’s bodies to be the undertone for your feature article!

Have we really made so little progress that things like this are not only tolerated but, worse, accepted? I am so disappointed. I suggest you find a more solid base that deals with real issues that are true for all people and do not relate solely to a male-oriented cultural phenomenon that makes it OK for a political contender’s body to become the object of discussion before her qualifications and ability.

Today I am ashamed to be a loyal reader of the City Paper.

An apology to women in general is needed, but more than anything a direct apology is in line to Linda Cropp for no other reason than you made her an object to be judged solely on the lines and shapes of her person.

Women won their rights, so I suggest you allow us them and stop making our bodies the issue and deal with us in the new millennium as we should be, lest you understand the consequences if you do not.

North Cleveland Park