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In the grand tradition of season-long musical movements such as D.C.’s “Revolution Summer,” the Creeping Nobodies declared the summer of 2006 a three month celebration of, well…themselves. It’s not that the five members of the Canadian post punk-junk-rock band are narcissistic; rather, this September marks the Creeping Nobodies’ fifth birthday. According to the band’s Web site, “there’s no exact date that can be determined as the crucial moment where the band became aware of itself as a full-fledged and undeniable entity.” As such, the band members have decided that “the anniversary can then be celebrated all summer long, or, at any random point between July and September that feels correct.” To help spread the cheer, the percussion-crazy Canucks have set out on tour in support of their latest full-length, Sound of Joy. Feel the love when the Creeping Nobodies perform with Sentai, Magic People, and Bird Noises at 9 p.m. at the Warehouse Next Door, 1017 7th St. NW. $7. (202) 783-3933. (Matthew Borlik)