Association of Energy Engineers

Sept. 13–15

Washington Convention Center

The Industry

energy technology, management, and policy

The Attendees

3,500 industrial, utility, and government effici-onados—and vendors racing to turn green to gold

The Issues

Manure to Manna: What could be better than powering on-site fuel cells with sewage waste gases? UTC Power’s PureCell systems have yielded more than 1.25 billion kilowatt-hours from ADG (anaerobic digester gas) that is usually just burned off.

Powerful Incentives: Need to justify a high-efficiency HVAC upgrade? One panelist suggested an avian-flu outbreak could transform your substandard air-handling system into a lightning rod for lawsuits. Fun fact: Zinc not only stimulates hair growth but also kills the deadly Legionella, which still sends as many as 18,000 people to U.S. hospitals each year.

Skip the Flip: Evident on the show floor: that a multimillion-dollar high-tech cottage industry has sprung up in response to humankind’s increasing reluctance to switch off the lights manually. Gadgets include Occu-Smart motion-sensor-controlled bi-level lighting from LaMar Lighting Co. Recently improved with “adjustable sensor technology and longer lamp life with a patented 100-hour lamp conditioning circuit,” the product is touted to cut energy use up to 85 percent.—Rob Tierney