Closed: Aug. 31

Reopened: Sept. 8

History: No citations listed in city records dating back to 1999.

Health Department Says: no certified food supervisor on duty

Business Says: An ex-employee screwed us. Not long before the routine inspection, says co-manager Sanjay Joshi, one of the two certified food supervisors working at the market up and quit without notice. That left owner Paul Patel as the only city-accredited set of eyes to watch over the deli’s Leave It to Beaver–inspired hot box lunches. When the health inspector showed up before Labor Day weekend, Patel had the poor fortune to be out making a produce run. “For that couple of hours, he put the new [uncertified] manager up here,” explains Joshi. “The inspector got mad, said not to operate the deli.” The market closed just before the holiday, leaving Georgetowners without their single-stop corner store for fruit, wine, mousetraps, and tennis balls; they reopened the following week. “People were coming in, asking me, ‘What’s going on? Why was the store closed?’” says Joshi. “It was like the business lost its [good] name.” Maybe, but it’s gained something in the process: two more supervisor certificates. “From now on,” Joshi says, “everybody is certified.”

—Dave Jamieson