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i am writing to respond to your recent article “Still Life, With Vomit” (9/22). As an avid reader of your publication, I was very upset to read such a scathing review of life in Adams Morgan.

Rather than highlighting the many positive changes that have occurred in recent times, the article’s authors chose to focus on the unfortunate indignities of weekend nightlife on 18th Street. The details listed in the article neither shed new insight on the subject of Adams Morgan nightlife nor presented any new facts for your readership to consider.

The concentration of restaurants and bars in Adams Morgan attracts thousands of visitors seven days and nights a week. This is perhaps because it is the most culturally diverse and densely populated area in the city. Those of us who visit, live, and work in Adams Morgan are aware of what weekend nights can become, but love it nonetheless. The author of the article misses the real story of the commonality and community felt in Adams Morgan, as well as the recent steps that have been taken to move the neighborhood forward.

Residents and business owners have worked hard to preserve the organically developed culture of this neighborhood, vehemently resisting the corporate development that has enveloped Chinatown and the U Street Corridor. What your writers should focus on is not the problems that we face here in Adams Morgan but rather what we are all doing to find an affordable and viable solution. Take, for instance, the Business Improvement District’s security and cleaning programs, Main Street’s second successful hosting of the Adams Morgan Day festival, and the collaboration of Adams Morgan Main Street and the D.C. Department of Transportation in implementing extensive traffic and parking studies of the area.

Your publication can choose to feature as many negative articles about Adams Morgan as you would like. It is your choice to contribute to the problem by exacerbating the negative views of our neighborhood. However, we would much rather see your publication attempt to highlight and support the very community in which it is based than demean it as an area that is doomed to dirt and disorder.

OwnerBourbon Restaurant/BarAdams Morgan