Closed: Sept. 12

Reopened: Sept. 12

History: No citations listed in city records dating back to 1999.

Health Department Says: no certified food manager; operating a food establishment with gross unsanitary conditions

Business Says: Bad luck. When Fresco ran low on napkins one day, the Foggy Bottom deli’s food manager ran out to Safeway for reinforcements. The health-department inspector happened to show up while the manager was off the premises. The inspector issued a warning, but when he returned five days later, the manager was out again, and the inspector nailed him. “It’s a silly thing, really,” says co-owner Abe Mansour, who stops in on a rainy Tuesday to make a plate of fresh fruit from the salad bar. “I told [the manager], if you’re going to leave, make sure there are two of you.” As for the unsanitary conditions, Mansour says a faucet was leaking on a food preparation area, a minor plumbing issue that was remedied less than 24 hours later. According to Mansour, the health department “came back immediately and was completely satisfied. They apologized, and they left.”

—Huan Hsu