as an ’01 alumna of the university of Maryland, I was perturbed to see your publication would waste even a branch of a tree on “Shell of a Town.” To assume that I received a “deprived college experience” because College Park physically doesn’t compare to Ann Arbor, Berkeley, or the like is unfounded and abhorrent. What does David Morton have against this town? I’d really love to know what his motive was. This article won’t change anything about College Park or anything that he wrote about. I never heard the term “faggot” once during my tenure at UMCP. I think it was pathetic of Mr. Morton to use such a controversial term to stir up controversy beginning with the first sentence of this ridiculous story. The antics and violence that go on in College Park go on at every college. Those schools just don’t have a David Morton there to write a pointless article about it.

Bethesda, Md.