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In a time of politically charged performances, it’s refreshing to see a comedian satirizing the strangeness of the world around us rather than the dismal state of affairs at the Capitol. John Hodgman is such a comedian. A literary agent turned author and self-described “expert,” Hodgman is host of the popular “Little Gray Book Lectures,” a contributor to McSweeney’s, and Resident Expert on The Daily Show—although he’s perhaps best known as the PC guy in the Apple ads. Much of Hodgman’s charm stems from his innocuous physical appearance; he’s boxy, uncomfortable, and nerdish. Once he gets going, though, it becomes apparent that he is the consummate straight man. He’s able to deliver truly absurd facts and statistics—none of which have any basis in reality—without even the hint of a self-aware smile. His authoritative self-assuredness allows him to seem believable even while expounding on subjects as varied as the secret workings of hobo society and the different forms of pigeon-foot deformities. He could easily be a one-joke wonder, but Hodgman manages to sell the farce with such a flawless deadpan that it never gets old. Hodgman represents a new direction for dry, ironic humor—friendly and nonaggressive where Stephen Colbert is brutally satiric and Sacha Baron Cohen is lampooning any available social, ethnic, and sexual stereotypes. Hodgman discusses and signs copies of his work at 7 p.m. at the Warehouse Theater, 1017 7th St. NW. $15 (includes a copy of Hodgman’s The Areas of My Expertise). Sponsored by Olsson’s Books & Records; to register call (202) 638-7610. (Peter Hepburn)