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Senior Minister of Preaching and Pastoral Leadership

the Rev. Dr. Frank Trotter

Minister of Congregational Ministries

the Rev. Sandy Rector


about 100

Service Length

1 hour

Sample Worshipper Dress

brown pants, brown jacket, brown felt hat, orange scarf

Famous Congregation Members

Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley

Congregational Fervor

The autumn air wasn’t the only thing that was chilly at Metropolitan’s 11:15 a.m. service—it took upward of 30 minutes before the congregation began to generate any heat. “You can do better than that,” said Rector, chastising attendees for their cool reception to his pastoral greeting. “It’s a beautiful day!” HHHHH

Food for the Soul

During a sermon titled “Whisperings,” Trotter used a peculiar analogy to explain the subtle gestures God uses to communicate with man: divine is to mortal as Cesar Millan is to canine, referring to the star of the TV show The Dog Whisperer. “Often Millan’s diagnosis is the same. He enters the house, and the dog sits on the couch in regal splendor—the dog has become the owner,” Trotter said. “Millan gives a message to the owner: You are in control. To the dog: You are not in control.”HHHHH

Food for the Body

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cupcakes, muffins, apples, juice boxes, and doughnut holes were all on hand to sate worshippers after a recent service. HHHHH

Overall Worship Power

Sometimes it can be difficult to hear the word of God, but other times it comes through loud and clear—especially when the church has a decent PA. “Sandy, this is God,” intoned a hidden congregant with a microphone during Rector’s children’s sermon. Sadly, he didn’t allow the illusion to last long. “I wish it really was that easy and obvious,” Rector told the children. “But usually God calls to us in more mysterious ways.” HHHHH

—Aaron Leitko