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the years that i spent at the university of Maryland College Park were, to date, some of the best years of my life. I met my wife, my best friends, and received a degree in the mayhem that you seem to think is pervasive in College Park. David Morton’s article about the University of Maryland (“Shell of a Town,” 9/29) is completely narrow and more than a little biased. Many of my friends and longtime readers of the City Paper share my sentiment. There is so much more to the city of College Park and the University of Maryland than David Morton chose to highlight. College Park is not a city with “an air of lurking danger and the promise of thoughtless mayhem”; intelligent students, school spirit, and pride in the Maryland Terrapins abound. The University of Maryland is a wonderful place where minds are cultivated with teachings by some of the top professors in the country, education is highly prioritized, and long-lasting relationships and friendships are developed.

It is not a “shell of a town,” and everyone is not “just passing through.”

The focus of David Morton’s article was on a few bad stories that have occurred in College Park, which Mr. Morton chose to develop into the defining characteristics of this city and this university. For every bad story in College Park, or related to the University of Maryland, there are hundreds of stories that are positive. I find this article offensive, rude, and far from the truth. I find it repulsive that your paper published this as your feature story. The City Paper has now lost a long-term reader.

Bethesda, Md.