to oct. 29

The Spooky Movie Show has been a weekly fixture on Cox Cable Access Channel 12 since 1995. Created by Curtis Prather and John Dimes, who also hosts as Dr. Sarcofiguy, the show is a heartfelt homage to the era when every town had a late-night horror-movie host. In fact, D.C. used to have one, Count Gore De Vol (aka Dick Dyszel; pictured), acknowledged by Prather and Dimes as an inspiration. Today, the Count lives on, via the Internet, at “Ever since Dick launched the Web site, he’s been this bug light for maniacs who really want to recapture something of their childhoods,” says Prather. So when the Spooky maniacs decided to take the show from TV to the big screen, it was natural that Dyszel would get a call. The Spooky Movie Film Festival will feature not only the Count hosting the entire Friday night lineup (including the midnight screenings) but also Gore’s erstwhile daytime alter ego Captain 20—who will appear at the kid-friendly Saturday matinee and offer anyone who brings a Channel 20 Club Card a discount. (“I still have my club card,” Prather proudly notes.) According to Dyszel, this will be the first time the cards will be redeemable for anything. Sunday will include the East Coast premier of the Korean shocker The Red Shoes. Undoubtedly, this weekend will be your only chance to see movies such as The Blue Rhino Vs. the Zombie Caveman, Zombies in Love, Human No More, Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare, and Newlybleds in a real theater. The series runs to Sunday, Oct. 29, at the Cinema Arts Theatre, 9650 Main St., Fairfax; see Showtimes for a complete schedule. $8–$10. (703) 978-6991. (Dave Nuttycombe)