From a flier seen on Adams Morgan bus stops late last week:

Reward $100

On October 24th, a Black Les Champs Leather Handbag Containing a Canon Digital Camera with Appropriate Data Port was Lost.

There are Valuable Photos of Council Member Mendelsohn.

Please Return to Owner.

Please Call: 202-364-0412

The fliers were made by Kathryn Harris, a North Cleveland Park resident who put them up after losing her purse in Adams Morgan. Though the bag contained two other valuable items—her wallet and a novel in progress, saved to a flash drive—she chose to focus on the pictures. Turns out the pictures don’t capture the at-large councilmember in flagrante delicto or anything so interesting—they were snapshots of Mendelson taken at a ceremony to honor volunteers.

And, Harris says, “I had a picture of Adrian Fenty. It was real nice.”

So why are the pics so “valuable”? When the bag turned up missing, police advised her to mention anything that had value when asking for a reward; that’s why the phrase “valuable photos” appears.

“I really felt that I got to know him better,” Harris says. “I lost so much. I feel like I lost my relative or something.”

Posted by Jonathan York on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at 1:41 p.m.