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speaking as a veteran of d.c. streets, jessica Gould’s story about WKYS’ go-go awards (Show & Tell, “Sloppy KYS,” 10/27) was of interest to me. I have seen and know some band members who have graced the stages and venues of this age and old. I know about some of the shortcomings of local radio stations regarding our indigenous music to this area. My verbiage may not reflect that of a streetwise, go-hard D.C. native, but believe me, I’ve been around since the Howard Theater, Chapter 3, the Black Hole, and the like. There are different generations of go-go fanatics, and each have their own set of values. Now, while the article seemed to focus on Michelle Blackwell and her issues with “Best Leading Lady in Go-Go” category, there are ups and downs that have been a plague to the go-go community. One observation is apparent and on my mind for discussion. Will there be go-gos at the Lincoln Theater on a regular basis now? There are a scarce number of clubs to go to and be able to celebrate and revel in the music that WKYS is inclined to hold awards for.