STANDOUT TRACK: No. 1, “Blow My Mind,” an old-fashioned hard-rock ode to fiery women. The Arlington duo’s song warms up like a muscle car in low gear: a guitar riff brimming with pent-up energy, drummer “Dex Sexy” nudging the tempo. Singer/guitarist Jason Griffenhagen doesn’t hold back for long, though. “You blow my mind, you know you do it,” he screams in the chorus. “Blow my mind/Blow my mind/Blow my mind/Blow my miiiiind.”

“It is obviously a sex song,” says Griffenhagen, 29.

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: The lyrics “Gonna kiss off all your lipstick/Gonna wind up red/Now you know you left a mark, girl/You’re goin’ to my head” faithfully recap a memorable night Griffenhagen had with a girlfriend about six years ago. Later girlfriends inspired bouts of rewriting. For instance, the chorus used to be “I won’t mind.” Griffenhagen won’t say what exactly motivated that switch.

“Over the years, the lyrics have changed, and it has been about three or four different girls,” he says. The current version has wide appeal, he adds, because it’s generic enough that any love interest can think it’s about her.

THRILL YOUR PARENTS: After listening to a recording, Griffenhagen’s father said he loved the guitar riff; he didn’t really comment on the lyrics. But the singer thinks it’s a parent-friendly tune: “It’s not like I’m singing a song like, ‘I want a blowjob’ or ‘Let’s do oral sex.’” The band’s lusty stage show—which includes pelvic thrusting—might be a different matter. “I never had to sing it in front of [the folks] yet,” he says. “It’s probably a good thing.” —Sadie Dingfelder