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Closed: Oct. 23

Reopened: Oct. 24

History: This KFC was closed in November 2001 for unclean food-contact surfaces and equipment, inadequate basic sanitation, and plumbing fixtures in poor repair; in June 2003 for inadequate basic sanitation, no certified food supervisor on premises, and no hot water on premises; and in May 2005 for unsuitable non-food-contact surfaces and rodents.

Health Department Says: endangering public health, unsanitary conditions, and vermin activity

Business Says: It’s not our fault. According to KFC shift manager Joe Pierre, this was the health inspector’s second recent visit. The first time the sanitarian came, he ordered management to clean up the store. This time around, he shut the store down to give employees a chance to tidy up. “He wanted us to clean, so we did,” he says. Pierre says the rat infestation is not KFC’s problem; the vermin came from outside the building. According to Pierre, the inspection didn’t interfere with KFC’s business. He says they cleaned the store up that night after closing and were open for business the next day.

—Amanda S. Miller