franklin schneider’s article about the travails of Washington club life (“Your Unfinished Basement or Mine?” 11/3) was one of the most vile things I have ever read—especially because he seems to think he’s a nice guy, he’s a smart guy, he’s a sensitive guy, and he’s just taking a temporary gig as a player so he can report back for all his friends.

He talks about being disgusted by his own behavior, but he certainly isn’t disgusted enough. What a surprise that the women willing to be picked up by such an asshole are the ones with such low self-esteem that they don’t dare have original thoughts! Of course, men like Schneider are the ones who have taught them to be walking Real Dolls in the first place—and meanwhile, the one girl who turns him down is treated with such hatred and disdain that he can barely contain himself.

It was especially delightful when he urged a friend who had gotten a woman pregnant to “[a]bort it” or “pull a Scott Peterson.” This sort of entitled misogyny explains a lot about why the alleged “love of his life” would end up despising him—and why any woman with sense would do the same.

Chevy Chase, Md.